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Transport - 23.05.2023
Exploring new methods for increasing safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles
A new study finds human supervisors have the potential to reduce barriers to deploying autonomous vehicles.

Economics - Transport - 22.05.2023

Innovation - Transport - 06.04.2023
Pushing product development into the future
Bruce Cameron's research interests include technology strategy, system architecture, and the management of product platforms.

Transport - 22.03.2023
Simulated terrible drivers cut the time and cost of AV testing by a factor of one thousand
New virtual testing environment breaks the 'curse of rarity' for autonomous vehicle emergency decision-making Study: Dense reinforcement learning for safety validation of autonomous vehicles (DOI: 10

Transport - 28.02.2023
Firefighters free snow-stranded motorists
Firefighters free snow-stranded motorists
More than 100 motorists who were stranded on a snow-laden road in the Altamont Pass early Friday morning received a helping hand from firefighters housed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Mechanical Engineering - Transport - 25.01.2023
MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory prepares to jet into the future
With 75 years of aviation industry-focused research and education under its belt, the lab continues to develop propulsion systems for next-generation aircraft.

Environment - Transport - 11.01.2023
EV transition will benefit most US vehicle owners, but lowest-income Americans could get left behind
Study: Mapping electric vehicle impacts: Greenhouse gas emissions, fuel costs, and energy justice in the United States (DOI 10.1088/1748-9326/aca4e6) More than 90% of vehicle-owning households

Transport - Computer Science - 22.11.2022
Massive traffic experiment pits machine learning against ’phantom’ jams
Many traffic jams are caused by human behavior: a slight tap on the brakes can ripple through a line of cars, triggering a slowdown - or complete gridlock - for no apparent reason.

Transport - 15.11.2022
Cyber vulnerability in networks used by spacecraft, aircraft and energy generation systems
A new attack discovered by the University of Michigan and NASA exploits a trusted network technology to create unexpected and potentially catastrophic behavior Study: PCspooF: Compromising the Safety of Time-Triggered Ethernet (DOI: 10.1109/SP46215. A major vulnerability in a networking technology widely used in critical infrastructures such as spacecraft, aircraft, energy generation systems and industrial control systems was exposed by researchers at the University of Michigan and NASA.

Environment - Transport - 14.11.2022
Taking Freight Trucks Electric Would Have Big Economic and Environmental Benefits for India
Diesel-fueled freight trucks play an outsized role in producing India's total greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions. While the country has promoted policies to transition to electric vehicles for public transportation buses and cars, batteries that can power such large trucks have been too heavy and expensive to make their electrification possible.

Transport - Innovation - 13.10.2022

Environment - Transport - 15.09.2022

Computer Science - Transport - 13.09.2022
$5M to enable remote, next-generation autonomous vehicle testing at Mcity
'Mcity 2.0' will give researchers, many without testing resources, remote access to the Mcity Test Facility-creating a more equitable playing field in mobility Mcity , which operates the world

Transport - Innovation - 16.08.2022
CMU Joins Transportation Officials at Launch of New Autonomous Vehicle Testing, Safety and Training Facility
Representatives from Carnegie Mellon University joined officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, the Regional Industrial Development Co

Transport - Innovation - 22.07.2022
Team Designs the Airports of Tomorrow
A team from Carnegie Mellon University won NASA's Gateways to Blue Skies: Airports of Tomorrow competition with their project, "Sustainability and Connected Autonomy: A New Era for Aviation.

Innovation - Transport - 03.06.2022
New Research Offers Recommendations for Integrating Autonomous Driving Tech Into Public Transportation
Autonomous vehicle technology likely won't replace the workers behind the wheels of buses, vans and other vehicles shuttling people around cities and towns anytime soon, but mass transit authorities

Materials Science - Transport - 31.03.2022
Environmentally safe, frost-resistant coatings
Environmentally safe, frost-resistant coatings
Airports are busy, especially during the winter. As passengers wait to board, delays get longer when airplanes need to be dowsed with thousands of gallons of deicing fluids that help them fight the frigid winter.

Transport - Environment - 15.03.2022
New U-M study assesses the impact of automation on long-haul trucking
As automated truck technology continues to be developed in the United States, there are still many questions about how the technology will be deployed and what its potential impacts will be on the long-haul trucking market. A new study by researchers at the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University assessed how and where automation might replace operator hours in long-haul trucking.

Transport - Computer Science - 15.12.2021
The Router in Your Home Might Be Intercepting Some of Your Internet Traffic-for a Good Reason
The router in your home might be intercepting some of your Internet traffic and sending it to a different destination.

Transport - Environment - 23.11.2021
Big Batteries on Wheels Can Deliver Zero-Emissions Rail While Securing the Grid
Berkeley Lab study shows how battery-electric trains can deliver environmental justice, cost-savings, and resilience to the U.S. Near elimination of air pollution from diesel-electric freight trains by 2025 is now possible by retrofitting them with battery tender cars.

Environment - Transport - 02.11.2021
New alloys could reduce air travel’s carbon footprint
College of Engineering researchers James Coakley and Giacomo Po are helping to develop a new class of refractory alloys that would increase aircraft engine efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Transport - 10.06.2021
Virtual demo of Mcity’s test concept for highly automated vehicles
See how the methodology works as a Level 4 AV must safely navigate seven scenarios that commonly lead to crashes EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT DATE: 10-11 a.m. June 17, 2021 (journalists are welco

Transport - 10.06.2021
Bird-like wings could help drones keep stable in gusts
"3D morphing" wings could help small aircraft safely navigate windy urban streets and land with shorter approaches Wings that can vary their shapes as freely as birds' wings could have advantages for

Transport - Campus - 09.06.2021
'Transportation is a form of freedom': How to make it more equitable
’Transportation is a form of freedom’: How to make it more equitable
The routes and schedules of public transit, the presence or absence of sidewalks, the availability of different transportation options, and the design of highways that divide cities-these are examples

Transport - 05.05.2021
From Twitter to Traffic Predictor
Carnegie Mellon University May 05, 2021 Sean Qian and Weiran Yao have used information extracted from tweets to provide unparalleled accuracy for predicting morning traffic patterns. Qian, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering , and Yao, Qian's Ph.D. candidate, published their results in Transportation Research.

Transport - Social Sciences - 04.05.2021
Truck noise in Southwest Detroit adds to public health concerns
Truck noise in Southwest Detroit adds to public health concerns
The sounds of a truck racing to the end of the block are soon replaced by the screeching of the brakes bringing the four-axle semi to a stop.

Transport - 08.04.2021
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
Million-Mile Fuel Cell Truck Consortium examines the state of hydrogen fuel-cell technology for heavy-duty vehicle applications Interest in hydrogen fuel cells as a sustainable source of clean energy

Health - Transport - 25.03.2021
California’s diesel emissions rules improve air quality, public health
The California Air Resources Board has enacted more stringent policies against diesel emissions than the rest of the U.S., significantly reducing air pollution and death in California's most vulnerable communities and beyond. (Photo courtesy of the California Air Resources Board) Extending California's stringent diesel emissions standards to the rest of the U.S. could dramatically improve the nation's air quality and health, particularly in lower income communities of color, finds a new analysis published today in the journal Science.

Computer Science - Transport - 24.03.2021
New initiative aims to keep 5G networks reliable and secure
The transition to 5G will affect every device connected to the internet, including drones. A team of scholars is working to protect the technology from vulnerabilities.

Transport - Environment - 16.03.2021
Commercial Truck Electrification is Within Reach
New cost and performance analysis by Berkeley Lab argues that policies are needed to spur widespread adoption of electric long-haul trucks By Kiran Julin When it comes to electric vehicles, particularly for heavy-duty trucks, the limitations of battery technology are often seen as the main barrier to widespread adoption.

Transport - Environment - 08.02.2021
Electric vehicles are driven less often than policymakers think, study says
As the Biden administration pledges to move the country toward electric vehicles (EVs), and states like California work to phase outáthe sale of new fully gasoline-powered cars, a key question still looms: How much are consumers actually driving them?

Transport - Environment - 20.01.2021
The Impact of Rideshare Apps
Uber and Lyft increase average vehicle ownership in urban areas The landscape of individual transportation has changed drastically since the rise of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.

Environment - Transport - 09.11.2020
Drop in pandemic CO2 emissions previews world of electric vehicles
In the six weeks after the San Francisco Bay Area instituted the nation's first shelter-in-place mandate in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, regional carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 25%,

Transport - Environment - 22.10.2020
How one scientist reshaped what we know about tornadoes
Decades into his career, well after every tornado around the world was classified according to a scale bearing his name, the scientist known as "Mr. Tornado" .

Transport - Campus - 15.10.2020
Mcity Driverless Shuttle research reports findings after safe project conclusion
Mcity Driverless Shuttle research reports findings after safe project conclusion
Results from the nation's first driverless shuttle project to focus primarily on consumer acceptance and data collection show high levels of trust and satisfaction among both riders and nonriders of the Mcity Driverless Shuttle.

Computer Science - Transport - 26.08.2020
U-M’s DARPA project aims to protect cars, trucks, spacecraft from hackers
Even the most advanced cars and other vehicles hide a rat's nest of electronics-hundreds of processors and millions of lines of code that were designed separately but now must work together under the hood for years at a time.
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