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Computer Science - Philosophy - 08.06.2023
Bringing the social and ethical responsibilities of computing to the forefront
The inaugural SERC Symposium convened experts from multiple disciplines to explore the challenges and opportunities that arise with the broad applicability of computing in many aspects of society.

Philosophy - Pedagogy - 16.03.2023
Using virtual reality to teach ethics
Does teaching ethics make people more ethical? Whether it works or not hasn't been studied much, but I think that if it did, the world would probably have far more vegans and vegetarians, and far fewer unethical business practices.

Computer Science - Philosophy - 10.03.2023
Matthew Kearney: Bringing AI and philosophy into dialogue
Matthew Kearney: Bringing AI and philosophy into dialogue
The computer science and philosophy double-major aims to advance the field of AI ethics. Close Matthew Kearney was drawn to MIT by the culture of its cross-country team.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 20.12.2022

Philosophy - 04.11.2022
Facing reality, however painful it may be
Facing reality, however painful it may be
In his new book, "Life Is Hard," MIT philosopher Kieran Setiya offers guidance for tackling the (many) problems we face.

Philosophy - Computer Science - 19.09.2022

Philosophy - Campus - 07.07.2022
Magazine brings literary style to philosophical writings
Magazine brings literary style to philosophical writings
'The Raven' magazine, launched by Hopkins philosopher David Velleman, seeks to return philosophical essays to the realm of the creative David Velleman started a magazine to put the heart back into philosophy.

Philosophy - Computer Science - 09.12.2021
New Kavli Center at UC Berkeley to foster ethics, engagement in science
The new Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public at UC Berkeley will equip the next generation of scientists with the tools to tackle the ethical and societal implications of their research while inventing innovative ways to involve the public.

Career - Philosophy - 24.06.2021
A new approach to mitigating AI’s negative impact
Stanford launches an Ethics and Society Review Board that asks researchers to take an early look at the impact of their work.

Health - Philosophy - 24.03.2021
Ernlé Young, co-founder of Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, dies at 88
An anti-apartheid activist, humanitarian, theologian, scholar, outdoorsman and skilled woodworker, Young co-founded the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 02.11.2020

Philosophy - Law - 02.06.2020
Stanford Ethics and Compliance Helpline is ready - and eager - to help
Stanford Ethics and Compliance Helpline is ready - and eager - to help
Tony Duong, program manager of Stanford's Ethics and Compliance Program, is ready to answer questions and address concerns of the Stanford community to the Ethics and Compliance Helpline, including issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Philosophy - Linguistics / Literature - 21.05.2020

Philosophy - Physics - 11.05.2020
Probing reality through physics, philosophy, and writing
Probing reality through physics, philosophy, and writing
Senior Michelle Xu's varied interests all involve a desire to understand the universe. "I was just never particularly picky about which way to figure it out," she says.

Health - Philosophy - 06.05.2020
Should you help a sick person? UW psychology, computer science faculty study 'moral dilemmas' of COVID-19
Should you help a sick person? UW psychology, computer science faculty study ’moral dilemmas’ of COVID-19
Let's say you have a small stash of face masks in your cupboard, set aside for you and your family. Meanwhile, you've read news stories highlighting the urgent PPE needs of your local hospital.

Economics - Philosophy - 26.03.2020
Financial, economic actions during crisis may be rational, if not ethical
FACULTY Q&A Wild stock market gyrations and runs on toilet paper as well as other home goods might seem like acts spurred by financial and economic fear and panic.

Philosophy - 16.12.2019
U of M Experts: How to make lasting New Year’s resolutions
For many, New Year's resolutions are opportunities to make desired lifestyle changes, though 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Politics - Philosophy - 09.12.2019
In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse war criminals
In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse war criminals
Almost half of Americans are willing to allow a war crime - a massacre of innocent women and children - go unpunished when they believe the act was committed by soldiers fighting for a just cause.

Philosophy - Art and Design - 29.04.2019
Big ideas, tiny houses
The philosopher's hut is a space designed for privacy, where exile and thought go hand-in-hand.

Philosophy - Music - 12.04.2019
Five University of Chicago scholars earn Guggenheim Fellowships
Five University of Chicago scholars have been named 2019 Guggenheim Fellows, chosen on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise.

Philosophy - 10.04.2019
Is there a role for morality in science?
At a time in which our society is politically polarized and divided about a myriad of issues concerning governance, immigration, and national identity, some would argue the need for convincing moral knowledge and widely accepted understandings of decency and the common good has seldom been greater.

Philosophy - Computer Science - 14.03.2019
The Balance of AI, Ethics and the Military
CMU expert discusses university's role in shaping nationwide discussion This week, the Defense Innovation Board (DIB) holds a series of meetings and a public listening session at Carnegie Mellon University as the DIB explores the future of ethics and artificial intelligence. It is the second in a series of three events the DIB is hosting across the country as it looks to develop and propose principles to guide ethical and responsible use of AI by the Department of Defense (DoD), including research, development and applications.

Mechanical Engineering - Philosophy - 08.03.2019

Philosophy - 17.01.2019
Science as a social practice
Science as a social practice
PhD student Marion Boulicault believes in an interdisciplinary path forward for science, feminism, and philosophy.

Philosophy - Politics - 10.12.2018
Lab explores universal basic income
Stanford philosopher Juliana Bidadanure is leading an initiative focused on fostering discussions about universal basic income and analyzing previous and ongoing unconditional cash experiments across the world.

Economics - Philosophy - 04.12.2018
Letter to the university community from Board of Trustees Chair Jeff Raikes on investment responsibility
Facebook Twitter Email To our university community: Today, after more than a year of work, informed by input from many of you, the Board of Trustees is unveiling a new approach to investment responsibility at Stanford.

Philosophy - Economics - 04.12.2018
Trustees adopt new investment responsibility framework for Stanford; university commits $10 million to educational and research initiative
At its Dec. 3-4 meeting, the trustees approved two statements outlining an updated approach to investment responsibility.
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