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Economics - Pedagogy - 06.06.2023
Real-world value of strategy courses for MBA students
More than 100,000 Master of Business Administration students graduate each year in the United States, and all of them take at least one strategy course.

Mathematics - Pedagogy - 31.05.2023

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 30.05.2023
CoCo: A real-time co-creative learning platform for young people
Media Lab PhD students Manuj Dhariwal and Shruti Dhariwal introduce a new paradigm of creative collaboration in digital learning environments.

Pedagogy - Psychology - 23.05.2023
Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer
Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer
New is good: Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer Recent research from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth published in 'Gifted Child Today' finds that advanced

Pedagogy - 16.05.2023
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
The first comprehensive analysis of how Latinos are portrayed in widely used U.S. history textbooks reveals a lack of authenticity and a failure to cover many seminal events in the Latino experience.

Pedagogy - Innovation - 09.05.2023

Pedagogy - 05.05.2023
Telling stories in space
Cagri Zaman uses immersive media to help people do everything from learning to play piano to learning how to handle heavy machinery.

Environment - Pedagogy - 01.05.2023

Pedagogy - Career - 26.04.2023

Pedagogy - Environment - 23.03.2023

Life Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.03.2023
How to teach an old dog new tricks
We have all heard the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Some attribute this concept to old people who are set in their ways.

Philosophy - Pedagogy - 16.03.2023
Using virtual reality to teach ethics
Does teaching ethics make people more ethical? Whether it works or not hasn't been studied much, but I think that if it did, the world would probably have far more vegans and vegetarians, and far fewer unethical business practices.

Campus - Pedagogy - 10.03.2023

Pedagogy - 26.01.2023
Michigan transitional kindergarten widely available, supported by administrators and parents
Expanding access to high-quality early education has been a bipartisan goal of Michigan policymakers for at least a decade.

Pedagogy - Innovation - 11.01.2023
Program teaches US Air Force personnel the fundamentals of AI
MIT researchers developed and studied a customized AI training program for users with varied backgrounds, which could be delivered across large organizations. A new academic program developed at MIT aims to teach U.S. Air and Space Forces personnel to understand and utilize artificial intelligence technologies.

Pedagogy - Environment - 15.12.2022
When using virtual reality as a teaching tool, context and 'feeling real' matter
When using virtual reality as a teaching tool, context and ’feeling real’ matter
A new study by UCLA psychologists reveals that when VR is used to teach language, context and realism matter. The research is published in the journal npj Science of Learning. "The context in which we learn things can help us remember them better," said Jesse Rissman, the paper's corresponding author and a UCLA associate professor of psychology.

Pedagogy - 15.11.2022

Computer Science - Pedagogy - 07.11.2022

Health - Pedagogy - 03.11.2022

Pedagogy - Computer Science - 31.10.2022

Computer Science - Pedagogy - 25.10.2022
HCII Researchers Awarded $2M Grant To Test AI-Based Mobile Tutoring Software
Homework can be extra difficult for middle school students facing limited access to technology, lack of parental support or other factors that could hinder their learning. To help, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science researchers in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute will use a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to develop and test a smartphone-based tutoring system for middle school mathematics that's rooted in artificial intelligence.
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