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Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 08.06.2023
Megawatt electrical motor designed by MIT engineers could help electrify aviation
Megawatt electrical motor designed by MIT engineers could help electrify aviation
Technology demonstrations show the machine's major components achieve the required performance. Aviation's huge carbon footprint could shrink significantly with electrification.

Campus - Mechanical Engineering - 11.05.2023

Innovation - Mechanical Engineering - 10.02.2023
Grace Gu is engineering AI-optimized, bioinspired materials
CITRIS and the Banatao Institute Creating information technology solutions for society's most pressing challenges The CITRIS principal investigator and assistant professor of mechanical engineering takes inspiration from nature and uses machine learning to create more efficient materials.

Mechanical Engineering - Campus - 25.01.2023

Mechanical Engineering - Transport - 25.01.2023
MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory prepares to jet into the future
With 75 years of aviation industry-focused research and education under its belt, the lab continues to develop propulsion systems for next-generation aircraft.

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 18.01.2023

Materials Science - Mechanical Engineering - 18.12.2022
Class opens the door to a new world of mechanical engineering
Class opens the door to a new world of mechanical engineering
Students compete to design a compression-resistant nanoscale material - and win possibly the world's smallest trophy.

Mechanical Engineering - 13.12.2022

Microtechnics - Mechanical Engineering - 28.11.2022
Channeling creativity through art and engineering
Recent mechanical engineering alumna Emily Satterfield '22 pursues passions that might seem unrelated but "actually go hand-in-hand.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 04.10.2022
The UC Berkeley experiment behind the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics
Stuart Freedman with the experimental apparatus he and John Clauser used to test "spooky action at a distance.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 13.07.2022

Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science - 12.07.2022
New project will lay groundwork for open access to massive windfarm simulations
New project will lay groundwork for open access to massive windfarm simulations
The creation of a public database will increase accessibility for all users, including academics and engineers who are developing more sustainable energy solutions Wind power produces over 8% of our nation's electricity, up from less than 2% just a few years ago.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 06.05.2022
Senior Design Expo highlights engineering achievements
From an aerial transportation system on Mars to a new way to rehab wrist paralysis, graduating seniors in the College of Engineering showcased their capstone projects.

Microtechnics - Mechanical Engineering - 17.02.2022
Engineering Students to Compete in International Maritime Robot Competition
For the past three months, a team of engineering students at UC San Diego has been adding cameras, LiDAR systems, a hydrophone, and even a drone to a 16-foot seagoing vessel.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 17.06.2021
Harnessing Sound for Health: A Conversation with Tim Colonius
When a person develops a kidney stone or a gall stone-hard accumulations of minerals and other compounds created by the body-they can experience a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Materials Science - Mechanical Engineering - 20.04.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 16.02.2021
Student-Led Moon Dust Shield Team Named Finalist in NASA Competition
Moon dust, the fine, fluffy powder covering the moon, is the stuff of imagination, the subject of scientific inquiry, and potential building block for lunar colonies.

Mechanical Engineering - Campus - 29.09.2020
$11.4M Army grant supports aircraft hybrid-electric engine research at UW-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are leading research to pave the way for hybrid-electric engines that power uncrewed aircraft systems.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 19.08.2020
Safe busing during COVID-19: The science behind U-M's changes
Safe busing during COVID-19: The science behind U-M’s changes
In an effort to design a safe campus bus system for the fall semester in light of COVID-19, University of Michigan researchers simulated how aerosol particles exhaled from passengers sitting in any seat would travel through the vehicle under different conditions.

Mechanical Engineering - Career - 09.07.2020

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 06.05.2020
Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Researchers Launch Ventilator Project
Low-cost device could address current and future shortages Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are developing a new, low-cost ventilator they

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 29.04.2020
New Device Simulates Feel of Walls, Solid Objects in Virtual Reality
Strings attached to hand, fingers create more realistic haptic feedback Today's virtual reality systems can create immersive visual experiences, but seldom do they enable users to feel anything - particularly walls, appliances and furniture.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 20.04.2020
Team races to fill Covid-19-related ventilator shortage
Team races to fill Covid-19-related ventilator shortage
An ad hoc team of engineers and doctors has developed a low-cost, open-source alternative, now ready for rapid production.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 15.04.2020
Researchers lead effort to build rapid-response ventilators
An effort to design and build new, simplified ventilators for patients with severe cases of COVID-19 is being led by researchers at Stanford.

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 31.03.2020
Automakers and ventilators: Experts can discuss challenges
Automakers and ventilators: Experts can discuss challenges
EXPERTS ADVISORY With ventilator supplies unable to meet the needs of U.S. hospitals facing COVID-19, automakers have announced plans to shift production and manufacture the vital breathing machines.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 26.03.2020
UC San Diego Engineers and Doctors Team Up to Retrofit and Build Ventilators with 3D-Printing
Students, staff and faculty address one of the key challenges of COVID-19 outbreak Even as university campuses close across the nation in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, a team

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 26.03.2020
MIT-based team works on rapid deployment of open-source, low-cost ventilator
MIT-based team works on rapid deployment of open-source, low-cost ventilator
Clinical and design considerations will be published online; goal is to support rapid scale-up of device production to alleviate hospital shortages.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 06.02.2020

Transport - Mechanical Engineering - 20.12.2019
Autonomous DeLorean drives sideways to move forward
Autonomous DeLorean drives sideways to move forward
Engineers in Stanford's Dynamic Design Lab are teaching a driverless DeLorean to steer with the agility and precision of a human driver with a goal of improving how autonomous cars handle in hazardous conditions.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 15.11.2019
UW aerospace engineer part of $1.7M grant to study corals
UW aerospace engineer part of $1.7M grant to study corals
Coral reefs are disappearing at a rapid rate around the world. They're threatened by human impacts at both local and global scales, and they're facing dire predictions for the future.

Mechanical Engineering - 15.11.2019

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 30.10.2019
Giant Magellan Telescope Signs Contract for Telescope Structure
GMTO Corporation, the organization managing the development of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) on behalf of its U.S. and international founders, has signed a contract with MT Mechatro

Mechanical Engineering - 23.07.2019
James Johnston, expert in fluid dynamics, has died
James Johnston, expert in fluid dynamics, has died
James P. Johnston, a professor of mechanical engineering and a foremost authority on fluid dynamics, died July 13 in Palo Alto, California.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 15.07.2019
Being an intern in the Apollo program
From chasing toxic clouds to developing rocket fuels for Mars, Brian Cantwell shares stories of his time working on space exploration technologies - starting with an internship with the Apollo program.

Mechanical Engineering - Career - 27.06.2019

Mechanical Engineering - 29.05.2019
A prosthetic foot that tackles tough terrain
Hiking trails and other rough terrain are especially difficult for people with prosthetic legs. Now, Stanford engineers have come up with more stable prostheses - and a better way to design them. Taking on a hiking trail or a cobblestone street with a prosthetic leg is a risky proposition - it's possible, but even in relatively easy terrain, people who use prostheses to walk are more likely to fall than others.

Mechanical Engineering - 10.04.2019
Buggy Races Keep Rolling at Carnegie Mellon
In its 99th year, the tradition is a Spring Carnival treat Sweepstakes, also known as the Buggy Races , has come a long way at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mechanical Engineering - 12.03.2019
Meet our new faculty: Kosa Goucher-Lambert, mechanical engineering
Name: Kosa Goucher-Lambert Degrees: B.A., physics, Occidental College, 2011; M.S. Ph.D., mechanical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014, 2017 Research interests: I'm interested in all things design and product development.

Mechanical Engineering - Astronomy / Space Science - 08.03.2019
Dynamicist Thomas R. Kane dies at 94
Thomas Kane, who revolutionized how scientists study forces and motion and whose research helped spacecraft and astronauts orient properly in space, died at age 94.

Mechanical Engineering - Philosophy - 08.03.2019

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 25.02.2019

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 16.01.2019
Stanford’s Robot Makers: Allison Okamura
Allison Okamura is a professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University and leads the CHARM lab.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 15.01.2019
Unraveling threads of bizarre hagfish’s explosive slime
As long as a free end gets stuck on something, and some force from moving water or struggling fish pulls in the opposite direction, tiny skeins of thread produced by hagfish can unspool fast enough to make an enormous amount of protective slime. Photo courtesy of Jean-Luc Thiffeault Hundreds of meters deep in the dark of the ocean, a shark glides toward what seems like a meal.

Mechanical Engineering - 11.01.2019
Engineers Aim To Lighten the Load for Manufacturers
As members of Carnegie Mellon University's NextManufacturing Center , Kate Whitefoot and Levent Burak Kara are using additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, to reimagine what is possible when creating component parts.
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