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Health - Law - 08.05.2023
Berkeley legal, health experts confront excessive police use of force
By Andrew Cohen A recent Berkeley Law symposium confronted excessive use of police force, with renowned experts identifying obstacles to victims- access to the courts and officer accountability, and exploring potential solutions.

Law - 15.03.2023
New Berkeley Terner Center database gives ’road map’ for local housing reform
The first-of-its kind database sorts pro-housing policies from 20 states by factors related to affordability and equity. Local municipalities around the U.S. now have a road map to pursue housing reform through a first-of-its kind database created by the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley.

History / Archeology - Law - 13.03.2023

Law - 01.03.2023
The study of widows under Hindu law in India
The treatment of widows in India has been discussed and criticized widely. In 2021, "SheThePeople,” a digital website devoted to the women's movement in India, published "Seven Inhuman Customs That Make The Lives Of Indian Widows Go From Bad To Worse.

Law - Innovation - 02.02.2023
How do artificial intelligence and automated decision-making impact the legal arena?
A European project coordinated by UPF, driven by a consortium of eleven institutions, is to study the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal field as well as the challenges it poses in respecting fundamental rights.

Computer Science - Law - 16.12.2022
CMU, Fordham Law School Lead NSF Project To Bridge Law and Computing
Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science (SCS) and Fordham University School of Law are collaborating on a new National Science Foundation program to study innovative ways to make software more accountable by bridging the gap between law and computing.

Career - Law - 15.11.2022

Social Sciences - Law - 15.11.2022
Domestic violence restraining orders and access to guns: U-M expert discusses
University of Michigan researcher April Zeoli addresses the implications of a recent Texas judge's decision to strike down the federal law prohibiting access to firearms for individuals subject to domestic violence protection orders. Zeoli is one of the nation's leading experts on policy interventions for firearm use in intimate partner violence and serves as director of the policy core at U-M's Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention.

Health - Law - 14.11.2022
Detroit eviction filings on track to return to pre-pandemic level as COVID-19 protections expire
Policy brief: A Public Health Crisis, Not a Property Dispute: Learning from COVID-19 Eviction Response Measures in Detroit With pandemic-era protections expiring, eviction filings in Detroit rose from historic lows to 75% of the pre-pandemic rate as of June.

Law - Campus - 19.10.2022

Law - Event - 16.09.2022
MIT cognitive scientists win Ig Nobel for shedding light on legalese
Edward Gibson and Eric Martinez are among this year's winners of the satiric prize, for explaining what makes legal documents so difficult to comprehend.

Law - 01.07.2022
Inside the ’Dobbs’ decision
Health law and policy expert Joanne Rosen discusses the Supreme Court decision that overturned 'Roe' and 'Casey' and ushered in a new era of reproductive rights in the United States The long-awaited

Law - 28.06.2022
Experts: Repealing concealed carry restrictions will lead to more gun violence
During a media briefing Friday, experts from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions discussed the impact of the Supreme Court's decision to remove concealed carry restrictions in New Yor

Law - Administration - 13.06.2022
What are ’ghost guns’ and why are they risky?
Untraceable by design, the DIY guns are just as lethal as a traditional firearm and often made of the same materials.

Law - 13.05.2022
'A full-throated reversal' of abortion rights
’A full-throated reversal’ of abortion rights
Health law and policy scholar Joanne Rosen discusses the legal arguments laid out in the pending 'Dobbs' decision that may prove the undoing of 'Roe' In a leaked draft majority opinion, the U.

Law - 04.05.2022
High court abortion move threatens contraception, LGBTQ+ rights, scholars say
If the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the right to abortion, as signaled in a draft opinion that emerged this week, it will raise threats to a range of other privacy-related freedoms - and to democracy itself, Berkeley scholars say.
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