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Health - Social Sciences - 07:29
Fostering acceptance of sexual minorities in the Hispanic community
When Luciene Espinosa was 12, she told her mother she thought she was a lesbian. At the time, opening her soul to her conservative, Cuban mom took courage, but Espinosa felt compelled to share her feelings with the person who always had been her best friend.

Health - Career - 31.05.2023

Health - Psychology - 31.05.2023
A history of healing
A history of healing
Kay Redfield Jamison discusses her latest book, which takes a nonlinear approach to cataloguing the history of psychotherapy K ay Redfield Jamison's eloquent writing on mental illness has bridged art and medicine, the personal and the professional.

Health - Life Sciences - 30.05.2023

Health - 25.05.2023
'A living time capsule'
’A living time capsule’
During remarks to the Class of 2023, senior class president Sophie Liu reflects on the unique journey of a group of students who experienced Hopkins before, during, and after the height of the COVID

Health - Life Sciences - 25.05.2023
Exploring the links between diet and cancer
Exploring the links between diet and cancer
Omer Yilmaz's work on how diet influences intestinal stem cells could lead to new ways to treat or prevent gastrointestinal cancers. Every three to five days, all of the cells lining the human intestine are replaced. That constant replenishment of cells helps the intestinal lining withstand the damage caused by food passing through the digestive tract.

Health - 24.05.2023
Logging on for health: More older adults use patient portals, but access and attitudes vary widely
Three-quarters of people age 50-80 use at least one portal, but use and confidence are lower in those with lower incomes or lower levels of physical or mental health Far more older adults these days

Health - Life Sciences - 22.05.2023

Computer Science - Health - 22.05.2023

Health - 22.05.2023
Bringing safe surgery to patients everywhere
Bringing safe surgery to patients everywhere
The MIT D-Lab-supported startup SurgiBox has developed a portable kit that doctors can use to create sterile operating environments where they're needed most.

Health - 17.05.2023
The impact of Title 42 on disease prevention and migrants’ well-being
FACULTY Q&A Title 42 was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Trump administration with the aim of restricting the entry of migrants into the United States, citing concerns over potential disease spread and resource strain.

Environment - Health - 17.05.2023
J-WAFS announces 2023 seed grant recipients
Fifteen principal investigators from across MIT will conduct early work to solve issues ranging from water contamination to aquaculture monitoring and management.

Life Sciences - Health - 17.05.2023
3 Questions: Sara Prescott on the brain-body connection
New MIT faculty member investigates how sensory input from within the body controls mammalian physiology and behavior. Many of our body's most important functions occur without our conscious knowledge, such as digestion, heartbeat, and breathing. These vital functions depend on the signals generated by the "interoceptive nervous system," which enables the brain to monitor our internal organs and trigger responses that sometimes save our lives.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.05.2023
Joining the battle against health care bias
Leo Anthony Celi invites industry to broaden its focus in gathering and analyzing clinical data for every population.

Health - Campus - 16.05.2023

Health - Innovation - 16.05.2023

Health - Chemistry - 12.05.2023
Four researchers with MIT ties earn 2023 Schmidt Science Fellowships
The illustrious prize supports early-career scientists and engineers as they pursue interdisciplinary work.

Health - Environment - 11.05.2023
COVID-19 public health emergency ends, but research, lessons go on
EXPERTS ADVISORY Today brings to a close the last of 13 federal health emergency declarations first enacted Jan.

Health - Life Sciences - 10.05.2023
Study of cancer metastasis gets $35M boost at Hopkins Medicine
Study of cancer metastasis gets $35M boost at Hopkins Medicine
Study of cancer metastasis gets $35M boost at Johns Hopkins Medicine Gift from researcher, philanthropist, and race car driver Theodore Giovanis will help scientists find ways to stop the spread of c

Health - Social Sciences - 10.05.2023
U-M expert: Implications of restrictive abortion policies on maternal health, social welfare
FACULTY Q&A Restrictive abortion policies in the U.S. are predicted to have negative effects on maternal health, women's economic opportunities and social welfare systems.

Health - Politics - 09.05.2023
Public health policy insights help bridge bipartisan divide
Public health policy insights help bridge bipartisan divide
Anand Parekh's insights on public health policy help bridge bipartisan divide Former Johns Hopkins Hospital resident has carved out a successful career in public service, currently serves as chief me

Health - 08.05.2023
The end of the COVID federal emergency
The end of the COVID federal emergency
The federal government rolls back certain pandemic protections May 11. What are the ramifications? Johns Hopkins experts weigh in.

Health - Law - 08.05.2023
Berkeley legal, health experts confront excessive police use of force
By Andrew Cohen A recent Berkeley Law symposium confronted excessive use of police force, with renowned experts identifying obstacles to victims- access to the courts and officer accountability, and exploring potential solutions.
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