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Health - Career - 03.10.2023
New $81M NIH grant will help US answer urgent need for better dementia care
National Dementia Workforce Study will survey those who work in homes, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, yielding data to improve care and inform policy Watching a loved one suffer the slow decline of dementia is hard enough.

Psychology - Health - 03.10.2023

Life Sciences - Health - 01.10.2023
One scientist’s journey from the Middle East to MIT
Through his leadership and vision, McGovern Institute postdoc Ubadah Sabbagh aims to improve the scientific process in the US and abroad.

Politics - Health - 29.09.2023

Health - Career - 29.09.2023
MIT announces 2023 Bose Grants for daring new research
Grants fund studies of honeybee tracking, glass building materials, and defining excellence in human movement.

Health - Pharmacology - 29.09.2023
Studying cancer in context to stop its growth
Studying cancer in context to stop its growth
MIT spinout Kronos Bio, founded by Associate Professor Angela Koehler, studies the complex signaling networks of cancer cells to find new drug targets.

Health - 28.09.2023
Should older adults with fewer years to live keep getting cancer screenings? U-M poll explores attitudes
Majority of people over 50 disagree with using life expectancy in guidelines for cancer screening tests Read the full poll report: Older Adults' Views on Cancer Screening Guidelines Past National Poll on Healthy Aging reports A majority of older adults disagree with the idea of using life expectancy as part of guidelines that say which patients should get cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies, a new poll finds.

Health - 27.09.2023
Racial discrimination among teens linked to unhealthy stress hormone levels
Study abstract: Racial discrimination and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulation in adolescents with overweight and obesity: does context matter? Scientists already know that the stress caused by racial discrimination is related to a host of chronic health conditions, but less is known about which types of discrimination are most harmful.

Health - Campus - 25.09.2023

Life Sciences - Health - 25.09.2023

Health - Innovation - 21.09.2023
James Fujimoto, Eric Swanson, and David Huang win Lasker Award
James Fujimoto, Eric Swanson, and David Huang win Lasker Award
Professor and two additional MIT affiliates honored for influential work on optical coherence tomography, which allows rapid detection of retinal disease, among other applications. The Lasker Foundation has named James Fujimoto '79, SM '81, PhD '84, the Elihu Thomson Professor in Electrical Engineering and principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE), a recipient of the 2023 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for his groundbreaking work on optical coherence tomography.

Health - Innovation - 21.09.2023
Student team among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists
Student team among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists
Johns Hopkins student entrepreneurs among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists The team developed the Bronchosleeve, a novel catheter to improve a common chest surgery procedure A team of Johns

Pharmacology - Health - 20.09.2023
Computational model helps with diabetes drug design
Researchers can use the model to predict how engineered forms of insulin would perform in human patients, making it easier to bring these drugs to clinical trials. For diabetes patients who must give themselves frequent insulin injections, the risk of low blood sugar can be life-threatening. A potential solution is a type of engineered insulin that circulates in the body and springs into action only when needed.

Innovation - Health - 19.09.2023
Meet the 2023-24 Accenture Fellows
The MIT and Accenture Convergence Initiative for Industry and Technology announces the 2023-24 graduate fellows.

Health - Economics - 19.09.2023
How to keep people out of the emergency room
Help for immigrants in arranging primary care visits leads to substantial drop in ER visits and costs, a new study shows. Encouraging immigrants to visit primary care doctors creates a striking decline in costly emergency room use, according to a new study co- The paper, " Reducing Frictions in Health Care Access: The ActionHealthNYC Experiment for Undocumented Immigrants ," appears in the September issue of the journal American Economic Review: Insights .

Environment - Health - 18.09.2023
Incubator or barrier? Exploring the links between agriculture, biodiversity and the spread of pathogens
Study: Looking beyond land-use and land-cover change: Zoonoses emerge in the agricultural matrix Many pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, are thought to have originated in wild animals before spilling into human populations.

Health - 18.09.2023
UIC awarded $3M to study link between gut microbiome, pain in kidney transplant patients 
An interdisciplinary research team, led by the University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing, has received a $3 million National Institutes of Health grant to study the relationship between the g

Health - Pharmacology - 18.09.2023
Lifesaving addiction medications are rarely started following opioid overdose emergencies
Study: Use of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder After Overdoses Among Medicaid Enrollees Could future opioid overdoses, fatalities and other harms of opioid addiction be prevented if hospital emergency departments made better use of effective medications for opioid addiction? A team of University of Michigan researchers thinks so.

Health - Physics - 15.09.2023
Tiny tubes target hard-to-treat breast cancer
Tiny tubes target hard-to-treat breast cancer
New nanotech weapon takes aim at hard-to-treat breast cancer Technology developed by Johns Hopkins engineers could eventually treat an aggressive type of breast cancer Breast cancer in its various forms affects more than 250,000 Americans a year.

Health - Psychology - 15.09.2023
Mental health problems, political extremism found in many who bought firearms during COVID pandemic
Study: Who bought a gun during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States?: Associations with QAnon beliefs, right-wing political attitudes, intimate partner violence, antisocial behavior, suicidality, and mental health and substance use problems People who bought firearms during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic have much higher rates of recent suicidal thoughts, self-harm behaviors and intimate partner violence, compared with other firearm owners and people who do not own firearms, a new study suggests.

Health - Innovation - 15.09.2023
Future science at the molecular level
Brad Pentelute and his lab compel the anthrax delivery system to deliver antibody and peptide variants into cells to treat cancer. Innovating at the intersection of chemistry, biology, and engineering, Professor Brad Pentelute and the Pentelute Lab at MIT invent new chemistry, platforms, and techniques that might revolutionize therapeutics.

Health - Life Sciences - 15.09.2023
'Legos' enhance function of natural proteins
’Legos’ enhance function of natural proteins
Researchers enhance the function of natural proteins using 'protein Legos' Breakthrough research from Johns Hopkins has potential implications for treatment of injuries Johns Hopkins engineers have h

Health - Pharmacology - 13.09.2023
Berkeley Lab Launches Research Projects to Support National Biopreparedness and Response Efforts
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ÜBerkeley Lab) are launching three research projects as part of Doe's Biopreparedness Research Virtual Environment (BRaV

Health - Life Sciences - 13.09.2023
Mixing donor and recipient immune systems creates tolerance of transplanted kidneys
Mixing donor and recipient immune systems creates tolerance of transplanted kidneys
Successful kidney transplants rely on the biological compatibility of the donor and recipient but still require long-term use of drugs to tamp down the recipient's immune system and prevent donor organ rejection.

Pharmacology - Health - 11.09.2023
AI tool helps optimize antibody medicines
Machine learning points out why antibodies fail to stay on target, binding to molecules that aren't markers of disease-and suggests better designs Study: Optimization of therapeutic antibodies for re

Innovation - Health - 08.09.2023
FORESEE awarded EUR2.5m by the European Innovation Council to bring to market unprecedented technology for remote patient monitoring
FORESEE awarded EUR2.5m by the European Innovation Council to bring to market unprecedented technology for remote patient monitoring
The FORESEE project of the UPF Biomedical Electronics Research Group is the first proposal by a Catalan university to receive funding from the EIC Transition programme of the European Innovation Council (EIC), one of the most competitive and prestigious calls in the field of knowledge transfer.

Health - Computer Science - 07.09.2023

Innovation - Health - 07.09.2023
Unlocking global research potential
Center for International Studies Global Seed Funds program fosters collaboration and innovation. Close In today's interconnected world, fostering global collaboration is essential in addressing complex challenges and advancing scientific progress.

Health - Social Sciences - 05.09.2023

Health - Environment - 31.08.2023
Health burden of air pollution differs across racial groups
Air pollution has decreased across the U.S., but new research finds health burdens remain unequal among racial groups. Health benefits that have resulted from reductions in fine particulate air pollution aren-t distributed equally among populations in the U.S., a new Yale-led study finds. Racial and ethnic minorities - and Black people in particular - still experience disproportionately high rates of cardiovascular disease-related deaths caused by exposure to fine particulate matter, according to the research.

Pharmacology - Health - 31.08.2023
Medicare drug price negotiations
Medicare drug price negotiations
First drugs picked for Medicare price negotiations Thanks to the Inflation Reducation Act, Medicare beneficiaries will get transparent drug prices for the first time in history, explains Johns Hopkin

Health - Life Sciences - 30.08.2023
Feeling like Barbie? Here are tips for finding purpose in the real world, based on science
Feeling like Barbie? Here are tips for finding purpose in the real world, based on science
Thanks to Barbie, the new live-action film that's setting box-office records globally, Barbie is not only making us think pink - she's really making us think .

Health - Social Sciences - 30.08.2023
Dreaming of waves
Dreaming of waves
Stefan Helmreich's new book examines the many facets of oceanic wave science and the propagation of wave theory into other areas of life.
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