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Electroengineering - Environment - 01.06.2023
In a First, Caltech’s Space Solar Power Demonstrator Wirelessly Transmits Power in Space
A space solar power prototype that was launched into orbit in January is operational and has demonstrated its ability to wirelessly transmit power in space and to beam detectable power to Earth for the first time.

Environment - Innovation - 01.06.2023
How Fiber-Optic Sensing and New Materials Could Reduce the Cost of Floating Offshore Wind
Yuxin Wu (Courtesy of Yuxin Wu) In shallow waters, offshore wind turbines are fixed to the ocean floor. However, in deep water areas where winds are typically stronger and have the capacity to reap more than double the energy , floating offshore wind turbines must be moored to the seabed where the ocean is too deep for fixed structures.

Earth Sciences - Environment - 31.05.2023
This year’s Atlantic hurricane season could prove unpredictable
One of the first signs that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would predict a quiet Atlantic hurricane season emerged in early March, when the agency announced that the La Niña

Environment - 30.05.2023
Finding their wings: Stunning photos show young falcons’ first flights
Rosa, one of the two female falcons that hatched in April 2023 on the Campanile, comes in for a landing.

Life Sciences - Environment - 25.05.2023
Climate-stressed trees get a boost from new microbial partnerships
Climate-stressed trees get a boost from new microbial partnerships
Climate change is subjecting plants to rapid shifts in temperature and precipitation, pushing them into new ranges and stressing them in old ones. Trees may have an easier time adapting in both cases by making new microbial friends underground, according to new research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 25.05.2023
The search for habitable planets expands
A University of Michigan astronomer and his team are suggesting a new way to expand the search for habitable planets that takes into account a zone not previously considered: the space between the star and what's called soot line in planet-forming disks. Worlds that form in this region-a disk of dust rotating around a central star from which planets may be built-could have surfaces rich in volatile carbon compounds quite different from Earth's.

Environment - 25.05.2023
Tackling the MIT campus’s top energy consumers, building by building
A full-building energy efficiency project aims to reduce total campus emissions by 2 percent.

Environment - Campus - 22.05.2023

Environment - Life Sciences - 22.05.2023
MIT junior Anushree Chaudhuri named 2023 Udall Scholar
Udall Foundation Scholarship honors public service commitment to environmental issues. MIT junior Anushree Chaudhuri has been selected as a 2023 Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation Scholar.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 19.05.2023
3 Questions: Can disused croplands help mitigate climate change?
Assistant Professor César Terrer and recent visiting student Stephen Bell describe how agricultural lands that are no longer productive could play an important role in carbon sequestration.

Environment - Social Sciences - 18.05.2023
Flint community solar, sustainable airport operations among 5 studies funded by U-M’s Graham Institute
Five newly awarded sustainability "catalyst grants” from the University of Michigan's Graham Sustainability Institute will support a variety of projects designed to advance technical and behavioral interventions toward greater sustainability.

Environment - Health - 17.05.2023
J-WAFS announces 2023 seed grant recipients
Fifteen principal investigators from across MIT will conduct early work to solve issues ranging from water contamination to aquaculture monitoring and management.

Environment - Social Sciences - 15.05.2023
Solve at MIT 2023: Collaboration and climate efforts are at the forefront of social impact
Over 300 social impact leaders from around the world convened on MIT's campus to discuss global challenges and how to solve them together.

Media - Environment - 12.05.2023

Environment - 12.05.2023
Meet Zephyr, Luna and Rosa: UC Berkeley’s new falcon chicks get named
Rosa, on the left, has red tape on one leg band; her sister Luna, in the middle, wears blue; and brother Zephyr sports yellow.

Health - Environment - 11.05.2023
COVID-19 public health emergency ends, but research, lessons go on
EXPERTS ADVISORY Today brings to a close the last of 13 federal health emergency declarations first enacted Jan.

Environment - 11.05.2023
Images From NASA’s Perseverance May Show Record of Wild Martian River
New images taken by NASA's Perseverance rover may show signs of what was once a rollicking river on Mars, one that was deeper and faster-moving than scientists have ever seen evidence for in the past.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 08.05.2023
US and UAE governments highlight early warning system for climate resilience
One of MIT's five Climate Grand Challenges flagship projects, the Jameel Observatory-CREWSnet project will pilot in Bangladesh and Sudan to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Environment - Economics - 08.05.2023
The answer may be blowing in the wind
The MIT Energy Initiative's Spring Symposium highlights the vast potential of offshore turbines in decarbonizing the grid.

Environment - 05.05.2023
Rising seas are causing septic systems to fail
It is a scenario that plays out at least three times a year at Matthew Lawrence's Central Broward County home: torrential rains saturate the drain field in his backyard, causing his septic system to operate inefficiently.

Environment - 03.05.2023
Creative climate resilience solutions
Creative climate resilience solutions
Baltimore teens develop creative climate resilience solutions The second HackGood4 Baltimore hackathon challenged students from three city high schools to develop equitable and actionable ideas to he

Environment - Social Sciences - 02.05.2023
As rising seas disrupt toxic sites, communities of color are at most risk
By the end of the century, coastal flooding threatens to inundate hundreds of toxic sites in California, including oil refineries, industrial facilities, sewage treatment plants and cleanup sites, putting communities like Richmond, Calif., at greater risk of hazardous exposure. As rising seas threaten to flood hundreds of toxic sites along the California coast, the risk of flood-related contamination will fall disproportionately on the state's most marginalized communities, finds a new study published today by researchers at UC Berkeley, UCLA and Climate Central.

Physics - Environment - 01.05.2023
Pri Narang and Sergio Carbajo look to advance quantum science for next-gen sensors
Pri Narang and Sergio Carbajo look to advance quantum science for next-gen sensors
The UCLA professors envision big impact with tiny particles Science + Technology The UCLA professors envision big impact with tiny particles May 1, 2023 For more than a century, scientists have observed that the rules of physics are very different at the smallest scales.

Environment - Health - 01.05.2023
Prolonged power outages, often caused by weather events, hit some parts of the U.S. harder than others
Alden Woods Joan Casey lived through frequent wildfire-season power outages when she lived in northern California. While waiting for the power to return, she wondered how the multi-day blackouts affected a community's health. -For me it was an inconvenience, but for some people it could be life-threatening,- said Casey , now an assistant professor in the University of Washington's Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences.

Environment - Computer Science - 01.05.2023
World’s first realistic simulated driving environment based on ’crash-prone’ Michigan intersection
Real-time data collected at the two-lane roundabout will be used to efficiently test the safety of autonomous vehicles Study: Learning naturalistic driving environment with statistical realism (DOI:

Environment - Pedagogy - 01.05.2023

Event - Environment - 01.05.2023

Environment - Innovation - 28.04.2023
JHU meets emissions reduction goal 3 years ahead of schedule
JHU meets emissions reduction goal 3 years ahead of schedule
Johns Hopkins achieves emissions reduction goal 3 years ahead of schedule, report shows The 2023 Annual Sustainability Report outlines accomplishments from across the enterprise over the past year wh

Environment - 28.04.2023
Consumer sentiment unmoved amid persistent high prices
Consumer sentiment was essentially unchanged this month, edging up less than two index points from March, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Environment - Social Sciences - 27.04.2023
Students support environmental justice efforts in South Baltimore
Students support environmental justice efforts in South Baltimore
A yearlong course allows students to contribute to ongoing conversations about a healthier and more just future for residents of South Baltimore's Curtis Bay neighborhood For students in the Environm

Computer Science - Environment - 26.04.2023

Economics - Environment - 26.04.2023
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in East Africa With Energy Efficiency
Women who run small businesses in Uganda can build energy efficiency into their business plans thanks to a new project led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ÜBerkeley Lab) and the U.S&p

Environment - Paleontology - 24.04.2023
Digesta: An overlooked source of Ice Age carbs
Study: Human consumption of large herbivore digesta and its implications for foraging theory Early human foragers may have relied on eating the partially digested vegetable matter, called digesta, found in the stomachs and digestive tracts of bison and other large game herbivores.

Environment - Campus - 21.04.2023
Exploring new sides of climate and sustainability research
With the support of each other and MIT faculty, students in the MCSC's Climate and Sustainability Scholars Program are making their impact on real-world climate challenges.

Environment - Innovation - 20.04.2023
3 Questions: New MIT major and its role in fighting climate change
Ali Jadbabaie and Robert van der Hilst discuss how a new joint degree program in climate system science and engineering will prepare students to solve global-scale environmental problems.

Environment - 19.04.2023
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