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Economics - Pedagogy - 06.06.2023
Real-world value of strategy courses for MBA students
More than 100,000 Master of Business Administration students graduate each year in the United States, and all of them take at least one strategy course.

Economics - History / Archeology - 01.06.2023

Economics - Social Sciences - 31.05.2023
Novel initiative bolsters economic independence for African women
Novel initiative bolsters economic independence for African women
Independent report from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies shows women in three African countries earned and saved significantly more money through participation in an initiative

Economics - 31.05.2023
Emeritus Arnoldo Hax, who reprioritized corporate strategy, dies at 87
Hax was a longtime MIT Sloan faculty member and co-creator of the Delta Model whose approach to customer bonding is still in use.

Innovation - Economics - 31.05.2023
Driven to driverless
Cindy Alejandra Heredia's journey from Laredo, Texas, took her to leading the MIT autonomous vehicle team and to an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Innovation - Economics - 31.05.2023
This ChatGPT-inspired large language model speaks fluent finance
This ChatGPT-inspired large language model speaks fluent finance
Mark Dredze, associate professor of computer science, discusses BloombergGPT, the first large language model built specifically for the finance industry First there was ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model with a seemingly uncanny ability to mimic human language.

Economics - 26.05.2023
Sentiment tumbles amid debt ceiling crisis
Consumer sentiment slipped 7% due to renewed concerns about the trajectory of the economy, erasing nearly half of the gains achieved since the all-time historic low from last June.

Economics - Transport - 22.05.2023

Music - Economics - 16.05.2023

Innovation - Economics - 16.05.2023
Advancing chips for the auto sector is the goal of new Michigan-based initiative
On the heels of the global chip shortage, the University of Michigan is part of a new public-private partnership that will establish a global semiconductor center of excellence in Michigan that focuses on the auto industry.

Campus - Economics - 15.05.2023

Computer Science - Economics - 10.05.2023

Environment - Economics - 08.05.2023
The answer may be blowing in the wind
The MIT Energy Initiative's Spring Symposium highlights the vast potential of offshore turbines in decarbonizing the grid.

Economics - Computer Science - 05.05.2023
After Amazon, an ambition to accelerate American manufacturing
Jeff Wilke SM '93, former CEO of Amazon's Worldwide Consumer business, brings his LGO playbook to his new mission of revitalizing manufacturing in the U.S. After more than two decades a

Economics - Environment - 26.04.2023
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in East Africa With Energy Efficiency
Women who run small businesses in Uganda can build energy efficiency into their business plans thanks to a new project led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ÜBerkeley Lab) and the U.S&p

Social Sciences - Economics - 26.04.2023
Students create tool to help predict targeted violence in high schools
Students create tool to help counselors predict incidents of targeted violence in high schools The resource is designed to increase the understanding of students' well-being and allow counselors to m

Career - Economics - 22.04.2023

Economics - Innovation - 21.04.2023
Making property assessments as simple as snapping a picture
Making property assessments as simple as snapping a picture
The technology of MIT alumni-founded Hosta a.i. creates detailed property assessments from photos.

Architecture - Economics - 13.04.2023

Economics - 31.03.2023
Weakening outlook due to high prices, not banking turbulence
Consumer sentiment fell for the first time in four months in the wake of a 13% decline in consumers' outlook over the economy for the year ahead, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Social Sciences - Economics - 31.03.2023
Clothing brand helps give survivors of sexual violence a path forward
Clothing brand helps give survivors of sexual violence a path forward
The Congo Clothing Company, founded by Milain Fayulu SM '22, funds job training for survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Environment - Economics - 23.03.2023
MIT Center for Real Estate advances climate and sustainable real estate research agenda
Projects, publications, and academia-industry networks produce pathways for the real estate industry to address the climate crisis.

Economics - Career - 14.03.2023
Even in small businesses, minimum wage hikes don’t cause job losses
Many small businesses fear that higher minimum wages will force them to lose profits or cut jobs. But new research co-authored at UC Berkeley finds that costs can be passed to customers with little impact on business - and considerable benefit for workers.

Economics - 14.03.2023
After SVB failure, Haas faculty warn of systemic weaknesses in banking
As repercussions from the stunning collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) continue to ripple through the banking industry, we asked Haas experts for their views on where the system broke down and whether there may be broader trouble viewing.

Economics - 02.03.2023
How debit cards helped Indonesia’s poor get more food
Replacing rice-bag delivery with digital card vouchers helps recipients get their intended supplies, researchers report. Close For many years, the Indonesian government's food aid program sent bags of rice to villages, where local leaders were supposed to distribute them to poor residents every month.
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