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Health - Career - 31.05.2023

Innovation - Career - 12.05.2023
New MIT-Denmark collaboration to expand opportunities for global impact
A grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation will allow more MIT interns to connect with innovators in Denmark.

Career - Research Management - 09.05.2023

Career - 08.05.2023
Oakland County economy looking to trend positive, as recovery from pandemic continues
Oakland County's economy is expected to return to normal this year and has a "solidly positive outlook” over the next few years, according to University of Michigan economists.

Career - Innovation - 05.05.2023

Pedagogy - Career - 26.04.2023

Career - Economics - 22.04.2023

Health - Career - 06.04.2023
Nearly 4 in 10 nurses in Michigan plan to quit soon
Study: Patterns and correlates of nurse departures from the health care workforce (DOI: 10.1097/MLR.

Social Sciences - Career - 31.03.2023
Illegally employed children rose in the past 5 years, calls for stricter measures
EXPERTS ADVISORY The federal government reported a 69% increase in illegally employed children since 2018.

Career - Campus - 30.03.2023

Computer Science - Career - 27.03.2023
All eyes on Kim Ferrari
All eyes on Kim Ferrari
Lauren Casonhua, casonhua1 [at] llnl.gov , (925) 423-3141 Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Kim Ferrari might not have initially imagined that her career would involve working with th

Economics - Career - 14.03.2023
Even in small businesses, minimum wage hikes don’t cause job losses
Many small businesses fear that higher minimum wages will force them to lose profits or cut jobs. But new research co-authored at UC Berkeley finds that costs can be passed to customers with little impact on business - and considerable benefit for workers.

Career - Health - 10.03.2023
February jobs report: Job growth shows no signs of slowing, say U-Michigan economists
ANALYSIS The U.S. labor market grew by 311,000 jobs in February. Unemployment ticked up to 3.6%, while the number of employed expanded and the labor force participation rate also ticked up.

Career - 07.03.2023
All eyes on Lynda Tesillo
All eyes on Lynda Tesillo
For Lynda Tesillo, Women's History Month means more than reflecting on the past. Her path to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory started with studying engineering at a university - a decision which put her in a unique position within her family.

Career - History / Archeology - 27.02.2023

Career - 23.02.2023
A day in the life: LLNL's construction managers
A day in the life: LLNL’s construction managers
One of 68 active construction sites at LLNL, Bldg. 310, home of Nondestructive Evaluation, is looking pretty sharp.
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