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Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 02.06.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - 02.06.2023

Computer Science - Innovation - 01.06.2023

Electroengineering - Environment - 01.06.2023
In a First, Caltech’s Space Solar Power Demonstrator Wirelessly Transmits Power in Space
A space solar power prototype that was launched into orbit in January is operational and has demonstrated its ability to wirelessly transmit power in space and to beam detectable power to Earth for the first time.

Environment - Innovation - 01.06.2023
How Fiber-Optic Sensing and New Materials Could Reduce the Cost of Floating Offshore Wind
Yuxin Wu (Courtesy of Yuxin Wu) In shallow waters, offshore wind turbines are fixed to the ocean floor. However, in deep water areas where winds are typically stronger and have the capacity to reap more than double the energy , floating offshore wind turbines must be moored to the seabed where the ocean is too deep for fixed structures.

Economics - History / Archeology - 01.06.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - Event - 01.06.2023

Earth Sciences - Environment - 31.05.2023
This year’s Atlantic hurricane season could prove unpredictable
One of the first signs that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would predict a quiet Atlantic hurricane season emerged in early March, when the agency announced that the La Niña

Economics - Social Sciences - 31.05.2023
Novel initiative bolsters economic independence for African women
Novel initiative bolsters economic independence for African women
Independent report from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies shows women in three African countries earned and saved significantly more money through participation in an initiative

Economics - 31.05.2023
Emeritus Arnoldo Hax, who reprioritized corporate strategy, dies at 87
Hax was a longtime MIT Sloan faculty member and co-creator of the Delta Model whose approach to customer bonding is still in use.

Mathematics - Pedagogy - 31.05.2023

Innovation - Economics - 31.05.2023
Driven to driverless
Cindy Alejandra Heredia's journey from Laredo, Texas, took her to leading the MIT autonomous vehicle team and to an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Health - Career - 31.05.2023

Health - Psychology - 31.05.2023
A history of healing
A history of healing
Kay Redfield Jamison discusses her latest book, which takes a nonlinear approach to cataloguing the history of psychotherapy K ay Redfield Jamison's eloquent writing on mental illness has bridged art and medicine, the personal and the professional.

Innovation - Economics - 31.05.2023
This ChatGPT-inspired large language model speaks fluent finance
This ChatGPT-inspired large language model speaks fluent finance
Mark Dredze, associate professor of computer science, discusses BloombergGPT, the first large language model built specifically for the finance industry First there was ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model with a seemingly uncanny ability to mimic human language.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 31.05.2023
A more effective way to train machines for uncertain, real-world situations
A more effective way to train machines for uncertain, real-world situations
Researchers develop an algorithm that decides when a "student" machine should follow its teacher, and when it should learn on its own.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 30.05.2023
CoCo: A real-time co-creative learning platform for young people
Media Lab PhD students Manuj Dhariwal and Shruti Dhariwal introduce a new paradigm of creative collaboration in digital learning environments.

Physics - Computer Science - 30.05.2023
Fueled by problem-solving
Undergraduate research helped feed physics and EECS major Thomas Bergamaschi's post-MIT interest in tackling challenges.

Health - Life Sciences - 30.05.2023

Environment - 30.05.2023
Finding their wings: Stunning photos show young falcons’ first flights
Rosa, one of the two female falcons that hatched in April 2023 on the Campanile, comes in for a landing.

Music - Art and Design - 30.05.2023
Pamela Z: Singing the body electric
Combining digital technology with the human voice, Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts at MIT winner Pamela Z creates layered music from everyday life.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 26.05.2023