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Politics - 22.05.2023
Berkeley political scientists chart a promising course to ease toxic polarization
New research co-authored at UC Berkeley details the psychological processes that demagogues exploit to erode support for democracy - and shows a way to bridge the dangerous divide. The year was 2020, just a few weeks before the presidential election, when Republican gubernatorial candidate Spencer Cox and Democratic opponent Chris Peterson teamed up to make an unconventional campaign ad.

Health - 22.05.2023
Bringing safe surgery to patients everywhere
Bringing safe surgery to patients everywhere
The MIT D-Lab-supported startup SurgiBox has developed a portable kit that doctors can use to create sterile operating environments where they're needed most.

Economics - Transport - 22.05.2023

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Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 19.05.2023
3 Questions: Can disused croplands help mitigate climate change?
Assistant Professor César Terrer and recent visiting student Stephen Bell describe how agricultural lands that are no longer productive could play an important role in carbon sequestration.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 19.05.2023
George Clark, professor emeritus and X-ray astronomy leader, dies at 94
Longtime MIT faculty member led investigations into cosmic-ray physics and gamma-ray and X-ray astronomy.

Computer Science - Innovation - 19.05.2023
Artificial Intelligence powers second-skin-like wearable tech
A new ultra-thin skinpatch with nanotechnology able to monitor 11 human health signals has been developed by researchers at Monash University.

Architecture - Innovation - 19.05.2023
Architectural heritage like you haven't seen it before
Architectural heritage like you haven’t seen it before
"Ways of Seeing" project documents endangered Afghan heritage sites through digital imaging, virtual reality, and hand-drawn professional renderings.

Environment - Social Sciences - 18.05.2023
Flint community solar, sustainable airport operations among 5 studies funded by U-M’s Graham Institute
Five newly awarded sustainability "catalyst grants” from the University of Michigan's Graham Sustainability Institute will support a variety of projects designed to advance technical and behavioral interventions toward greater sustainability.

Art and Design - Linguistics / Literature - 18.05.2023

Materials Science - Computer Science - 18.05.2023
Three MIT-led projects awarded MURI funding for 2023
Through the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, the US Department of Defense supports research projects in areas of critical importance to national defense.

Computer Science - Electroengineering - 18.05.2023
Toward more flexible and rapid prototyping of electronic devices
FlexBoard is a flexible breadboard that enables rapid prototyping of objects with interactive sensors, actuators, and displays on curved and deformable surfaces. Whether you are a new employee, a gymnast, or a bendy straw manufacturer, one trait is ideal across the board: flexibility. The same can now be said about prototyping electronic devices.

Computer Science - 18.05.2023
2.007 Forever!
2.007 Forever!
With winches, spinners, and telescoping contraptions, bots go head to head in student robot competition inspired by "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Computer Science - 18.05.2023

History / Archeology - 18.05.2023

History / Archeology - 18.05.2023

Materials Science - 18.05.2023

Health - 17.05.2023
The impact of Title 42 on disease prevention and migrants’ well-being
FACULTY Q&A Title 42 was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Trump administration with the aim of restricting the entry of migrants into the United States, citing concerns over potential disease spread and resource strain.

Linguistics / Literature - Innovation - 17.05.2023
Anniversary Exhibitions Trace Influence of Shakespeare through Time and Technology
This year, the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries presents two  exhibitions  to mark the quatercentenary (1623-2023) of Shakespeare's First Folio, a copy of which is held in the Libraries'  Special Collections.

Environment - Health - 17.05.2023
J-WAFS announces 2023 seed grant recipients
Fifteen principal investigators from across MIT will conduct early work to solve issues ranging from water contamination to aquaculture monitoring and management.

Life Sciences - Health - 17.05.2023
3 Questions: Sara Prescott on the brain-body connection
New MIT faculty member investigates how sensory input from within the body controls mammalian physiology and behavior. Many of our body's most important functions occur without our conscious knowledge, such as digestion, heartbeat, and breathing. These vital functions depend on the signals generated by the "interoceptive nervous system," which enables the brain to monitor our internal organs and trigger responses that sometimes save our lives.

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Pedagogy - 16.05.2023
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
The first comprehensive analysis of how Latinos are portrayed in widely used U.S. history textbooks reveals a lack of authenticity and a failure to cover many seminal events in the Latino experience.

Music - Economics - 16.05.2023

Politics - 16.05.2023
An project coordinated by the IBEI spots prospects for global governance facing an uncertain future
The GLOBE research project conducted a survey with more than 1000 staff members from 30 international organizations, revealing trends and challenges for global governance The Project Coordinator has been Jacint Jordana, professor of Political Science at UPF and Director of IBEI, an entity that has led a consortium made up of eleven institutions from all over the world.

Astronomy / Space Science - Earth Sciences - 16.05.2023
NASA's Spitzer, TESS Find Potentially Volcano-Covered Earth-Size World
NASA’s Spitzer, TESS Find Potentially Volcano-Covered Earth-Size World
The gravitational tug of a neighboring planet may heat the world's interior, creating the right conditions for volcanic activity on the surface. Astronomers have discovered an Earth-size exoplanet, or world beyond our solar system, that may be carpeted with volcanoes. Called LP 791-18 d, the planet could undergo volcanic outbursts as often as Jupiter's moon Io, the most volcanically active body in our solar system.

Politics - Campus - 16.05.2023

Innovation - Economics - 16.05.2023
Advancing chips for the auto sector is the goal of new Michigan-based initiative
On the heels of the global chip shortage, the University of Michigan is part of a new public-private partnership that will establish a global semiconductor center of excellence in Michigan that focuses on the auto industry.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.05.2023
Joining the battle against health care bias
Leo Anthony Celi invites industry to broaden its focus in gathering and analyzing clinical data for every population.

Health - Campus - 16.05.2023