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Using insights into how people intuit others' emotions, researchers have designed a model that approximates this aspect of human social intelligence. When interacting with another person, you likely spend part of your time trying to anticipate how they will feel about what you're saying or doing. This task requires a cognitive skill called theory of mind, which helps us to infer other people's beliefs, desires, intentions, and emotions.

Mathematics - Jun 1

A study inspired by the Japanese paper-cutting art provides a blueprint for designing shape-shifting materials and devices.

Mathematics - Apr 27

California blackworms tangle themselves up by the thousands, then separate in a split second. Their trick may inspire the design of self-detangling materials and fibers.

Mathematics - Jan 27

A new measure can help scientists decide which estimation method to use when modeling a particular data problem.

It's more important than ever for artificial intelligence to estimate how accurately it is explaining data.

A new tool brings the benefits of AI programming to a much broader class of problems. Close One reason deep learning exploded over the last decade was the availability of programming languages that could automate the math - college-level calculus - that is needed to train each new model.

A program that brings together UCLA students, the Los Angeles Unified School District and professional engineers and technologists to enhance mathematics learning in select South Los Angeles middle schools has made its public debut.

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