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Using insights into how people intuit others' emotions, researchers have designed a model that approximates this aspect of human social intelligence. When interacting with another person, you likely spend part of your time trying to anticipate how they will feel about what you're saying or doing. This task requires a cognitive skill called theory of mind, which helps us to infer other people's beliefs, desires, intentions, and emotions.

Psychology - May 30

The first moments of police interactions with drivers can tell us about what happens next-with officers often giving orders rather than providing reasons for traffic stops, according to a new study that analyzed law enforcement encounters.

Psychology - May 22

Married people who have affairs find them highly satisfying, express little remorse, and believe the cheating didn't hurt their otherwise healthy marriages, finds a new Johns Hopkins report on the psychology of infidelity.

Study: A randomized experiment of the effects of food advertisements on food-related emotional expectancies in adults. You might not care about the fast-food commercial shots of juicy burgers or creamy milkshakes, but they might change your beliefs about these items, whereas shots of fresh salads and berries might not, according to a new study.

New is good: Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer.

May 16, 2023 With scarce clinical resources unable to keep pace with elevated rates of mental illness, technological solutions could help decrease waitlists and disparities in access to therapy. Recent advances in artificial intelligence have fueled interest in the use of chatbots and virtual assistants for mental health treatment.

April 19, 2023 Does a commitment to one-s God facilitate altruistic behavior that benefits only members of the same religious group? Or does it extend to helping members of a different religion? University of Illinois Chicago social psychologist Michael Pasek and colleagues examined this question through field and online experiments involving more than 4,700 people from diverse ethnoreligious populations in three political and cultural contexts.

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