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By focusing on causal relationships in genome regulation, a new AI method could help scientists identify new immunotherapy techniques or regenerative therapies. A strategy for cellular reprogramming involves using targeted genetic interventions to engineer a cell into a new state. The technique holds great promise in immunotherapy, for instance, where researchers could reprogram a patient's T-cells so they are more potent cancer killers.

- A team in the School of Computer Science's Generative Intelligence Lab collaborated with Adobe Research and the University of California, Berkeley, to develop two algorithms to help generative AI models take important steps on these issues.

Researchers use multiple AI models to collaborate, debate, and improve their reasoning abilities to advance the performance of LLMs while increasing accountability and factual accuracy.

Physics - Sep 25

The advance brings quantum error correction a step closer to reality.

Health - Sep 13

Although computer scientists may initially treat data bias and error as a nuisance, researchers argue it's a hidden treasure trove for reflecting societal values.

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