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The six-wheeled geologist spotted the twister as part of an atmospheric exploration of Jezero Crater. The lower portion of a Martian dust devil was captured moving along the western rim of Mars' Jezero Crater by NASA's Perseverance rover on Aug. 30, 2023, the 899th Martian day, or sol, of the mission.

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The JPL-led international team used the island as a stand-in for Venus to test radar technologies that will help uncover the planet's ground truth.

Environment - Aug 22

No stranger to hot weather, the region is facing more humid heat waves that test the adaptability of its residents.

Astronomy / Space Science

Every morning and afternoon, like clockwork, the surface of the Moon trembles with tiny "moonquakes." Now, new analysis of seismic activity on the Moon has characterized these events and discovered that some of them are not what they seem.

Astronomy / Space Science

Richard Binzel describes how asteroid dirt and dust delivered by OSIRIS-Rex, with help from MIT, may reveal clues to the solar system's origins.

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Earth Sciences - 03.10
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Columbia University
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Assistant Professor, School of Oceanography University of Washington
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Postdoctoral Scholar: Tropical Pacific Air-Sea Interaction University of Washington
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Landscape Architecture Visiting Assistant / Associate Professor University of Oregon
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Postdoctoral scholar to conduct Coastal Drone research University of Washington
Earth Sciences - 11.05
Postdoctoral Scholar in Ice-Flow Modeling University of Washington
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