’No matter what, you showed up for one another here’

MIT’s undergraduate Class of 2023 received their diplomas on a warm, sunny
MIT’s undergraduate Class of 2023 received their diplomas on a warm, sunny morning on Killian Court. Credits : Image: Gretchen Ertl
At the 2023 Commencement undergraduate ceremony, new graduates celebrate, reflect on remarks from Chancellor Melissa Nobles, and receive long-awaited diplomas.

In today’s MIT undergraduate commencement ceremony, students got a chance to walk across the stage on Killian Court and receive the ultimate reward for all their hard work at MIT - their diplomas.

A day after MIT graduates from every degree program and school came together for the OneMIT Commencement ceremony , undergraduates and their loved ones once again gathered on Killian Court for a lively event that featured addresses by President Sally Kornbluth and Chancellor Melissa Nobles.

As family members and friends crowded around the seated graduates - many angling for the perfect picture - Nobles urged students to reflect on the network of people that helped them reach this moment.

"Isn’t it reassuring to know that, when you thought maybe you couldn’t keep going, you persevered - turning to others for help when you needed it and approaching your academic trek with patience, resilience, and a mindset of continuous growth?" Nobles asked the Class of 2023. "Achieving incredible things in life is rarely easy. There’s never a clear path to the top. But what makes it all worth it is learning that you are often stronger than you imagined, and that if you ask for help, you’ll be amazed by the people who will be there to keep you steady and on course."

Nobles also remarked on the bonds that students have formed with their classmates.

"No matter what, you showed up for one another here, and that doesn’t have to change as you each make your way in the world," Nobles said. "The lifelong friends you found on this campus are the people who I know will continue to be sources of encouragement, strength, and inspiration. I urge you to take that sense of belonging with you wherever you go next."

As each graduate’s name was announced and they walked to center stage to receive their degrees, pockets of the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. President Kornbluth and Provost Cynthia Barnhart handed out degrees and congratulations to each graduate.

It was a special moment for the students and their loved ones, who sported balloons, flowers, and even the occasional jumbo cutout of students’ heads.

The soundtrack of the day was provided by a brass ensemble conducted by MIT affiliated artist Kenneth Amis. The crowd was also treated to a virtuosic violin performance of Ravel’s "Tzigane" by Shelley Choi , an Emerson/Harris Scholar graduating with a double-major in computer science and engineering and business analytics.

The celebration gave graduates another opportunity to throw their hats into the air and bask in their accomplishment. Nobles promised to keep her remarks "TL;DR" - which meant short and simple for the few, less tech-savvy people in attendance that needed translation.

"For all that you have achieved, contributed, and experienced at MIT - and for all that you aspire to be in your next chapters - we honor and congratulate you," Nobles said. "And we wish you all the best on the road ahead."

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