Health - Oct 3

A new compound developed at the University of Illinois Chicago potentially could offer an alternative to injections for the millions of people who suffer from an eye condition that causes blindness. Wet age-related macular degeneration causes vision loss due to the uncontrolled growth and leakage of blood vessels in the back of the eye.

Health - Oct 3

U-M analysis of data from 38 states shows significant disparities in firearm injury, death rates among Hispanic populations. Study: Firearm homicides among Hispanics and white non-Hispanics: Measuring disparities The rate of firearm homicide among Hispanic populations in the United States was more than two times higher than that of white Americans in 2021, the largest disparity in more than a decade, according to new research led by the University of Michigan.

Life Sciences

By genetically testing nearly 1,000 embryos, scientists have provided the most-detailed analysis of embryo fate following human in vitro fertilization.

Study finds that in worms, the HSN neuron uses multiple chemicals and connections to orchestrate egg-laying and locomotion over the course of several minutes.

Physics - Oct 2

Amith Varambally of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, comes to Caltech as a first-year undergraduate student in fall 2023 already a co-author of a journal article related to his work as a high school intern at MIT in summer 2022.

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