University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jul 29 - New findings show that phytochromes, the "eyes" that help plants sense light, can be manipulated - "tricking" shaded plants into thinking they are in the sun. Above are mature plants with various changes to the phytochrome.
Event Jul 24

A new study finds that people strategically choose how to share their life events. Posting on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, can intensify emotions - both good and bad.  - Photo: Michael Forster Rothbart - To share is human.

Business Jul 24

Tom Mohs, founder of plastics manufacturing company Placon, holds a plastic container produced in the Madison factory.

History Jul 23

It's all eyes down in late June as UW-Madison students and local volunteers dig and screen for artifacts in the village of Trempealeau.

Business Jul 16

A worker programs and tests a new line of CapTel, a captioned telephone system, at one of Ultratec's multiple telecommunication and manufacturing facilities at University Research Park.

Medicine Jul 24

Produced by a method that uses nanoparticles to create visual contrast, a researcher created the above photoacoustic image of a mouse intestine.

Medicine Jul 23

The Dean Foods Foundation's grant to The Dairyland Initiative will fund a network of trained consultants to conduct a variety of outreach efforts.

Chemistry Jul 18

The researchers' material, shown being installed at a site in the Middle East, combines sodium bentonite clay and polymers to create a substance that can withstand industrial waste.

Environmental Sciences Jul 15

Wisconsin's newest invasive species has done its best to stay underground, but the voracious, numerous and mysterious Asian crazy worm has emerged for the first time in the state on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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