University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aug 27 - The mechanical force that a single fungal cell or bacterial colony exerts on a plant cell may seem vanishingly small, but it plays a heavy role in setting up some of the most fundamental symbiotic relationships in biology.
Administration Aug 26

As UW-Madison's research and graduate education programs begin an historic transition, there will be many familiar faces and a few new ones on the third floor of Bascom Hall.

Environmental Sciences Aug 22

UW-Madison's Modified Asphalt Research Center is partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and four other states to revise the durability standards that asphalt has to meet before it goes on roads.

Administration Aug 19

Over the period of Martin Cadwallader's tenure as a senior administrator in the Graduate School, the UW-Madison research program has been consistently ranked as one of the nation's most robust.

Life Sciences Aug 15

A coordination-retraining device was awarded first-round funding from the university's Discovery to Product program.

Administration Aug 26

Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Marsha Mailick recently talked with University ' Terry Devitt about the administrative changes to come, the experiences that have prepared her for her new role, and the challenges UW-Madison faces in the areas of research and graduate education.

Computer Science Aug 21

Cloud computing, which allows users of technology to tap into remote, shared infrastructure and services, is a major facet of today's world.

Environmental Sciences Aug 18

Researchers say they looked at the combined effects of land use decisions and climate change because, while there are many studies of each, the two factors need to be examined together.

Environmental Sciences Aug 14

What limits the height of trees? Is it the fraction of their photosynthetic energy they devote to productive new leaves? Or is it their ability to hoist water hundreds of feet into the air, supplying the green, solar-powered sugar factories in tho

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