Life Sciences Feb 26
Researchers Find That Somatostatin Neurons Regulate Synaptic Activity in the Neocortex - By Jocelyn Duffy / 412-268-9982 - Neuroscientists believe that the connectome, a map of each and every connection between the millions of neurons in the brain, will provide a blueprint that will allow them to link brain anatomy to brain function.
Physics Feb 26

Researchers find 3-D printed parts to provide low-cost, custom alternatives for lab equipment - Posted February 26, 2015; 02:00 p.m. by Raphael Rosen, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - The 3-D printing scene, a growing favorite of do-it-yourselfers, has spread to the study of plasma physics.

Medicine Feb 26

Millions of African Americans moved from the South in the early 20th century to seek better job opportunities and higher wages, but a new study on the historic Great Migration shows that with improved economic conditions came a greater risk of mortality.

Medicine Feb 26

How much money would be saved if one high-risk person was prevented from contracting HIV in the United States? A new study led by a researcher at Weill Cornell Medical College and published online Feb.

Medicine Feb 26

In the rapidly changing world of molecular profiling for genetic diseases, cancer researchers are increasingly optimistic about the reality of a simple blood test to monitor and treat solid tumor cancers.

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