Jan 27 - People with autism spectrum disorders have difficulty with social behavior and communication, which can make it challenging to form friendships, engage in routine conversations or pick up on the social cues that are second nature to most people.
Earth Sciences Jan 27

A new technique for passively probing the sea floor using weak seismic waves generated by the ocean was tested at the Ekofisk oil field in the North Sea.

Pedagogy Jan 27

The goal of the research was not to identify whether individuals are "stubborn," but rather to understand perceptions of older parents and their adult children regarding such behavior.

Medicine Jan 27

Imagine a pill that helps people control diabetes with the body's own insulin. Cornell researchers have achieved this feat in rats by engineering human lactobacilli, a common gut bacteria, to secrete a protein called Glucagen-like peptide 1 (GLP-1).

Medicine Jan 26

AUSTIN, Texas - Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of California at San Francisco have revealed how a type of cancer-causing virus called Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) outwits the human body's immune response.

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