Aug 21 - Fluorescence image of microcolonies of the Leptolyngbya sp. strain of cyanobacteria cells (JSC-1) collected from a hot spring near Yellowstone National Park by Donald A. Bryant after growth in light provided from above only.
Environmental Sciences Aug 21
Environmental Sciences

University of Washington - Following rapid warming in the late 20 th century, this century has so far seen surprisingly little increase in the average temperature at the Earth's surface.

Life Sciences Aug 20
Life Sciences

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark and Caltech have developed a new method for organizing molecules on the nanoscale.

Physics Aug 20

Laser device may end pin pricks, improve quality of life for diabetics - Posted August 20, 2014; 03:45 p.m. by John Sullivan, Office of Engineering - Princeton University researchers have developed a way to use a laser

Medicine Aug 19

UCLA-led research finds that a variant of an existing vaccine offers stronger protection against both diseases - Enrique Rivero - In many parts of the world, leprosy and tuberculosis live side-by-side.

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