Life SciencesSep 21 - In recent years, new strains of bacteria have emerged that resist even the most powerful antibiotics. Each year, these superbugs, including drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis and staphylococcus, infect more than 2 million people nationwide, and kill at least 23,000.
Life Sciences Sep 19

At nearly 100 feet long and weighing as much as 170 tons, the blue whale is the largest creature on the planet, and by far the heaviest living thing ever seen on Earth.

Medicine Sep 18

Study after study has proven it true: exercise is good for you. But new research from University of Pennsylvania scientists suggests that exercise may have an added benefit for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Physics Sep 18

Researchers at MIT's Laboratory for Nuclear Science have released new measurements that promise to shed light on the origin of dark matter.

Environmental Sciences Sep 18
Environmental Sciences

Fall foliage season may be later, but longer on warmer Earth - Posted September 18, 2014; 01:30 p.m. by Wendy Plump for the Princeton Environmental Institute - The fall foliage season that prompts millions of Americans

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